An introduction to my color blindness

I’m a woman and have been colorblind since I was a little girl at the age of 5. I first found out when my mom found me drawing the sea as yellow and grass as brown. It was obvious something was going wrong with my eyesight. It was easy to work with though, as I would then just look at the names of colors on pencils to draw the correct color. Not every color I saw in life had a label on though, and this is where I started to run into problems again.

I didn’t really consider the fact that I was really colorblind until later on in life when I began to look at job opportunities. I’m not too limited though, as I never wanted to pilot a plane or design clothes for a living. There are so many jobs out there that don’t require perfect perception of color that it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. There are a few things I experience issues with in day to day life due to my color blindness though. One dangerous issue is I can’t tell if I’m sunburned or not because my skin always looks the same. I just work around this by being over protective when I’m out in the sun though.

Some people might think that color blind people have issues driving due to not recognising the colors of traffic lights. I don’t see this as a problem though because it’s all about the ordering. The top light is stop and the bottom light is go regardless of the color. Maybe in different countries this would be a problem for me though. Another issue I experience due to color blindness is my fashion sense. I often mix colors that my friends tell me don’t match well, but I just tell them I’m setting new trends!

I can’t follow directions well from people because I don’t notice landmarks by their colors. People often describe colors to highlight a particular building and I’m clueless here. With a GPS I don’t need directions often so this is another mild issue. The only other issue I can think of is telling apart fruit at the supermarket is hard because I can’t tell which is which by color alone. For example, people see an orange as being orange and immediately know what the fruit is, but I see an orange as yellow in appearance. I have a way to deal with each of these issues, so I don’t feel negatively impacted by my color blindness.