About tell a girlfriend

It’s all about Creating, Living and Celebrating Your Dream!

My name is Heather Hanson and I am the creator and founder of the Tell A Girlfriend Network!  I have been a business owner for about 14 years, and if there is one thing I have learned for sure, it is that each and every one of us has an unconditional right to be happy, but sometimes the road to that happiness can make us feel as though we are running an uphill battle alone.  We all have dreams of what our ideal life should look like, for some that includes creating a business, for others it’s about being a mom or excelling in our chosen career path.  Whatever your version of happiness might look like, one thing is for sure, we need to be doing all that we can to support each other along the way.

I originally created this network as a place to affordably market and celebrate small businesses, but over the course of time I realized that something was missing and then one day it dawned on me that while my immediate goal is to continue to support female entrepeneurs, I wanted to do more.  I wanted to be the voice that celebrated and encouraged EVERY woman whether she owned a business or not.

The passion you have for the products or service that you have developed or wish to sell should never be diminshed simply because there is no big budget for advertising!  After personally struggling to create a place for my mineral makeup company in the consumer world and then finally cultivating an online client base in more than 75 countries around the globe, I can promise you that I have done the leg work and put in the time necessary to figure out what it is that makes a business thrive….and at the end of the day, beyond your amazing products and sensational customer service, the trick is getting your clients to talk about you!
The Tell a Girlfriend Network is a constantly evolving dream of mine that is finally being brought to fruition!

For the Fearlessly Fabulous Female Business Owner
 Whether you bake, sell insurance, or create clothing and accessories, I believe that we need to create a support system for each and every female owned “small” business, social club and not-for-profit organization out there.  We need to have an entire network of women who not only purchase your products and join your groups, but can’t wait to get out there and tell their girlfriends about you!  So, this network is designed to bring together a phenominal melting pot of women owned businesses, resources and organizations from all over the state of Illinois!

We put your story, your company and your passion into the hands of the women that can’t wait to see what you have to offer and support you!  By using social media, a collective mailing list, and a whole lot of elbow grease, our potential to bring you new clients is essentially unlimited!

Many of us have paid for print ads in magazines and newspapers, and while they certainly help to get the word out about your company, I believe that we can do better!  I believe that we can take your business and create a following by helping to keep your name and your products on the minds of our clients for an unlimited amount of time.  I know that your business is everything to you, and I promise you that I will do whatever I can to support, encourage and promote your products via a broad and creative range of tools!

For the Fearlessly Fabulous Woman Everywhere!!!

I don’t know too many of us that don’t love to shop….but with so many choices out there, how do you even know where to begin? Having been a “small” business owner myself, I tend to look for a more intimate and personalized shopping environment.  I love the idea of being able to support and tell my girlfriends about the latest female owned business I have found!  I love to be able to tell the girls about sales, and exciting events….and where to find the greatest chocolate!  So, it dawned on me one day after hunting around the web that there needs to be a resource of women owned businesses and organizations right at my finger tips!  There needs to be one place that takes all of the latest and greatest female owned companies and gathers them all under one roof!

This is exactly why I created the Tell A Girlfriend Network and why I believe it is such an important vehicle for inspiring, promoting and empowering both business owners and savvy shoppers just like you!!  Not only do we bring you the most incredible businesses and the women who created them, but we share their stories, negotiate special discounts for you, and keep you informed of all the most amazing and fabulous parties, fundraisers, and events!  My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find everything you need right here under one cyber roof!

Beyond having access to some pretty wonderful products and services, you will be supporting a woman with a dream who might be just like you!~  You will be applauding somebody who took an idea that had been churning around their brain and made it into something wonderful….and maybe, just maybe after hearing her story, you will be inspired to make your own dreams into reality!!!  I hope that you will take the time to sign up for our mailing list, tell your friends about us and join me in what I know will be an incredible journey!!!