LASIK surgery is worth the expensive costs and risk

As a girl with poor eyesight, I always wondered what life would be like without wearing glasses. Laser eye surgery was never an option for me until I turned 21 so I had to deal with wearing contact lenses and glasses until then. At the age of 22 I decided to take the plunge and get LASIK surgery. It was worth it.

The big question is how risky is it and is it worth the price? I can tell you from hours of research that LASIK is very safe, and from experience it’s well worth the price. When you take into consideration the amount of money you waste on glasses and contact lenses over the years you’ll begin to get an idea of how much money you’ll actually save by going for LASIK. A Sacramento LASIK surgery with low costs can be found at Yes, it’s an expensive surgery but it will pay dividends over time. No more worrying about breaking your glasses!

If you have ever had an eye infection or even a black eye you’ll have been through more pain than LASIK could every cause you during the surgery. It’s a pain free procedure with numbing eye drops used before any lasers are switched on and pointed at the eyes. You’ll be able to find more on LASIK surgery in Michigan here The only thing you’ll have to deal with will be any fears you have before getting the correction. For us girls LASIK can be a big deal in terms of appearance too. Females can look so much more attractive without glasses. This is another big advantage to getting laser eye surgery and one I personally enjoy as a woman.

The extra convenience I gained in day to day life is huge. Now I don’t have to constantly clean my glasses throughout the day. I don’t have to go through the discomfort of putting contact lenses on my eyeballs any more. I don’t have to worry about my glasses breaking at any moment. I’m free from all these downsides now that I went ahead with the procedure, and I’m grateful for it! Before I couldn’t even see the number of my front door clearly, now I can look across the street and read the door number very far away. My color blindness was made so much worse by the extra blurriness of poor vision, but even that has improved since LASIK.

I’ve also heard many great things about cataract surgery. It’s a very similar process involving a laser and with similar costs and risks. One procedure can be life changing in terms of gaining clear vision. Extra information on this in the Kansas city area can be found here If the eyesight results anything like laser eye surgery and the business is legitimate then I would say go for it.

Now I can appreciate the stars and the moon so much more each night, and the clouds and nature in the daytime. So many things appear vibrant now and my life has improved as a whole due to my LASIK surgery. I can drive so much easier with clear vision, and that’s just one example of many. I can go to the cinema and watch the screen with clarity like never before. I recommend the surgery to all! It’s 100% worth the costs and small risks.


Enchroma colorblind glasses to correct eyesight

After reading a whole lot about the new Enchroma glasses and seeing all the wonderful experiences colorblind people have, I decided to experience them for myself. I ordered a pair 2 weeks ago to test them out. They arrived pretty quickly and I read everything I could about them in anticipation. I have Deuteranopia so have trouble seeing reds, greens and all related colors in the spectrum.

color chart

I went for a walk outside on a hike and placed the color blind glasses on (I recommend going outside for your first try if you get some, it looks beautiful!). I initially saw the enchroma glasses reviewed at At first I was disappointed as nothing happened to my eyesight for the first 20 minutes. I remembered that there’s and initial adjustment period though while your eyes adjust to the new vision. After the first 20 minutes something happened. A bright vivid light stood out in the distance and caught my eye. The object appeared blue, but no longer the washed out blue I was used to seeing. It was a deep blue that stood out against the background colors. I was looking at a bright blue flower which appeared like nothing I had ever seen. It was like a hologram that captivated me and stopped me in my tracks. How exciting!

As many other vivid colors started popping out all around me I began to tear up with overwhelm. For the rest of the day I wandered around looking at street signs, buildings, people’s clothes and eye colors and many more things. The Enchroma glasses work brilliantly! See an explanation for how these color blind glasses correct vision at I noticed my color vision was way better over long distances and I was capable of distinguishing between different colors with ease while wearing the glasses. To see the rays of the sun so vibrantly for the first time was truly amazing. As I took the color blind glasses off I noticed all the new color tones fade into the usual tones I see. It really is a big difference.

The glasses do cost a lot, but it’s a small price to pay to fix your vision. It only lasts while you wear them, but it’s a huge difference in color perception. Don’t expect to see new colors, but expect colors to become extremely vivid and new tones to emerge. Another great thing about them for us girls is the fact they’re still fashionable and come in many different styles.


An introduction to my color blindness

I’m a woman and have been colorblind since I was a little girl at the age of 5. I first found out when my mom found me drawing the sea as yellow and grass as brown. It was obvious something was going wrong with my eyesight. It was easy to work with though, as I would then just look at the names of colors on pencils to draw the correct color. Not every color I saw in life had a label on though, and this is where I started to run into problems again.

I didn’t really consider the fact that I was really colorblind until later on in life when I began to look at job opportunities. I’m not too limited though, as I never wanted to pilot a plane or design clothes for a living. There are so many jobs out there that don’t require perfect perception of color that it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. There are a few things I experience issues with in day to day life due to my color blindness though. One dangerous issue is I can’t tell if I’m sunburned or not because my skin always looks the same. I just work around this by being over protective when I’m out in the sun though.

Some people might think that color blind people have issues driving due to not recognising the colors of traffic lights. I don’t see this as a problem though because it’s all about the ordering. The top light is stop and the bottom light is go regardless of the color. Maybe in different countries this would be a problem for me though. Another issue I experience due to color blindness is my fashion sense. I often mix colors that my friends tell me don’t match well, but I just tell them I’m setting new trends!

I can’t follow directions well from people because I don’t notice landmarks by their colors. People often describe colors to highlight a particular building and I’m clueless here. With a GPS I don’t need directions often so this is another mild issue. The only other issue I can think of is telling apart fruit at the supermarket is hard because I can’t tell which is which by color alone. For example, people see an orange as being orange and immediately know what the fruit is, but I see an orange as yellow in appearance. I have a way to deal with each of these issues, so I don’t feel negatively impacted by my color blindness.